No-Poo, Low-Poo, Co-Poo, Shampoo...Which To Do?

O.k. I'm sure you heard the terms and may not know what they mean exactly. So here's a brief description on the topics.

No- Poo: No shampoo is used/ Low Poo: shampoo is limited to once a month
Usually for those who feel their scalp is very dry after using shampoos.

According to Lorraine Massey Who actually coined the phrase and who is the author of the book Curly Girl Suggest baking soda and water be used.
I tbsp of baking soda to 1 cup of water ( doubled or tripled according to hair length). Combine ingredients in cup or spray bottle and spray or pour on hair and scalp. Let sit for 1 minute and rinse out. Follow with a deep conditioning conditioner.

Co-wash - Conditioner is used instead of shampoo

Easy right? Well it basically it is. When I first big chopped I basically didn't use any shampoo. I washed using only conditioner (a very cheap one). I first used Vo5. Now I use Suave Naturals Tropical coconut. For my co-wash. I also used my Nexxus Humectress conditioners left over from when my hair was relaxed. Conditioners contain mild cleansers and are moisturizing so you get the best of both worlds. Co-washes can be done daily if your wearing wash and go hair style, or after a workout. In the summer I did it 2-3 times per week. And at the end of the week I used shampoo (Cream of Nature)

Saturate the hair with conditioner, massage in, rinse, apply leave in conditioner and style as usual.


  1. what is the difference between the no-poo and co wash?
    your blog is really good I learned a lot

  2. Hi African Chocolate,Thank you, and you are more then welcome. The No-poo, and Co-wash methods both mean to use no shampoo except No-poo incorporates baking soda as a cleanser, and clarifier and Co-wash uses any conditioner. Hopes this helps.

  3. Hello, i am beginning my journy to going natrual..where do i begin. i'm about 3 months in without a relaxer ..should i do the No poo or low poo still has a way to go to get rid of the permed hair and is breaking off soo bad..please help.